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You’re crafting a report summarizing your organization’s participation in clinical studies last year. The ease and access to participate in sponsored research was remarkable. You had the opportunity to select from hundreds of studies with the potential to save lives in your community. Ultimately, the revenue from the studies you selected will fuel your expansion efforts next year.

That’s what it means to see research differently as part of the Q-Centrix Research Network.

Q-Centrix’s platform connects enterprise partners with clinical research sponsors, streamlining trial access and data curation. We support your team, allowing them to focus on patient care. 

Network members generate additional revenue by participating in funded prospective and observational trials. They also enjoy access to patient recruitment and feasibility tools, along with the nation’s leading platform for high-quality clinical data.

Enterprise partners benefit without straining hospital resources.

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80% of the data that trial sponsors are seeking can be found in quality data and clinical data registries. Q-Centrix is the nation’s leader at structuring and curating these data sets.

Why not leverage this data for both research and registry participation?

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Study sponsors flock to organizations that can reliably and efficiently deliver data/patients

A range of sponsored trials to augment your research program

A leading platform for high-grade clinical data exchange

Streamlined project feasibility and recruitment of the ideal patient

Unique offering for hospitals to generate revenue

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How we make it happen.

We bring the trials and research efforts directly to you, ensuring seamless participation.

We curate the clinical data you need for a simple deliverable.

Use expert-curated clinical data from registries to ease participation.

Contact us today to join our innovative network.

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