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with technology that seamlessly allowed an expert in Phoenix to efficiently manage the clinical data for a hospital in Philadelphia. Q-Centrix was founded in 2010 on the premise that technology makes it possible to find clinical talent nationwide—a huge advantage over others in the industry who were confined to recruiting talent locally.

We’ve always seen it differently.

Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™)

The challenges of managing clinical data can be seen through siloed department objectives that burden FTEs and obligatory reporting requirements that change frequently. That’s the view from the base of a mountain.

We see it differently.

Clinical data is most valuable when managed at an enterprise level. Q-Centrix offers a unified technology platform supported by a wide range of clinical experts. Our eCDM solution, including enterprise analytics and insights, is trusted by over 120 healthcare systems nationwide to enhance outcomes and harness the potential of their clinical data.

Enterprise Assessment

Developing a strategic plan for enterprise clinical data management (eCDM) starts with identifying your total cost, which can be complex. You’ll discover various areas and forgotten programs within your investment, requiring an assessment of each program’s current status compared to its intended goal. That’s the base view…

We see it differently. 

Q-Centrix assembles subject matter experts to evaluate your health system’s participation, efficiency, physician engagement, and investment, providing a comprehensive view. With this clarity, creating a strategic plan becomes straightforward.

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Technology is always tough terrain – a decision that may change the way in which you do the work, learn about the work, report on the work, and submit it to third parties. That seems like an unsurmountable decision. That’s the base view…

We see it differently.

Q-Centrix offers the only enterprise clinical data management (eCDM) solution in the market today. The suite features purpose-built tools for seamless data capture from cardiovascular to oncology, real-time insights through hourly data updates, and the potential for transformative change is only a click away.

Q-Centrix Institute (QCI)

The #1 concern for healthcare executives today is the challenging labor market. Resources are difficult to find and expensive to keep. It’s jagged topography. That’s the base view…

We see it differently.

Recognizing the market challenges and the unique advantages of our market-leading technology, Q-Centrix developed the Q-Centrix Institute (QCI).

QCI is an in-house training and onboarding program designed to equip clinical data specialists with unparalleled expertise. Staffing an enterprise clinical data management team has never been simpler—so now you can focus on what you do with the data.

Let’s reshape clinical data management together.

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