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You’re sitting in a meeting with yet another company that claims to be using AI in their solution.

But this feels different. 
This company isn’t a start-up. They have decades of experience with clinical data curation and work with thousands of people who deeply understand how and why clinical data is stored in unstructured formats. They have thoughtfully hired and trained experts, built processes, and developed the software necessary to succeed in scaling artificial intelligence to curate clinical data automatically.

That’s what it’s like when you see AI differently as part of the Q-Centrix Enterprise solution.

For years, Q-Centrix has used automation and natural language processing (NLP) in collaboration with leading innovators to assist clinicians.

With a robust community of healthcare facilities, clinical expertise for model training, and a modern technology platform, we’re best-equipped to scale AI. After a successful two-year pilot, we’ve now integrated large language models into our offering.

We believe in leveraging AI’s potential while retaining human intervention to mitigate risks.

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Clinical data sets have infinite applications. In fact, there’s no organization with access to more resembling data sets and applicable clinical expertise than Q-Centrix.

More than 120 health systems throughout the nation engage our enterprise clinical data management (eCDM) solution comprised of the technology, team, analytics and insights needed to train the most efficient models without any risk to accuracy.

So, why wouldn’t you incorporate AI in your clinical data management?

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Our approach prioritizes safety, accuracy, and consistency at scale.
Our history of employing the newest technology allows us to seamlessly remove risk

We develop opportunities for efficiency through automation, NLP and large language models at every step of our process:

Collecting data

Automating data handling

Auditing data integrity

Analyzing specific data sets

Organizing data

Employing technology

Let’s reshape clinical data management together.

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